Canonical bases for modified quantum supergroup


主讲人:顾海霞 湖州师范学院副教授


地点:Tencent会议 506 127 477


内容先容:We extend the construction of the regular (matrix) representation for the quantum linear supergroups U = U(glm|n) developed in [DZ] to the modified quantum linear supergroups $\dot{U}$. We then obtain a new basis for $\dot{U}$ that is similar to the basis for the algebra K in [BLM, §4] whose Z[υ, v^{-1}]-span $\dot{U}_Z$ becomes an integral form for $\dot{U}$. We also develop a canonical basis theory for $\dot{U}_Z$ and display its connection to the canonical basis for υ-Schur superalgebras.

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